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Excellent site by one of the authorities in the Regla de Ocha, Obá Oriaté Miguel "Willie" Ramos, Ilarí Obá in Miami/Florida (USA). Ramos is the author of the book Ase Omo Osayin, Ewe Aye from 1982, the article Afro-Cuban Orisha Worship (in Santería Aesthetics in Contemporary Latin American Art, ed. by Arturo Lindsay 1996), an influential master thesis entitled The Empire Beats On: Oyo, Batá Drums and Hegemony in Nineteenth-Century Cuba (2000), and various practical ritual manuals (Dida Obi...Adivinación a Través del Coco, Oro...Egungun. Las honras de Egungun, Adimú. Gbogbó Tén'Unjé Lukumí, Seminario de Religion Yoruba: Santeria).
In his web-article La división de la Habana: Territorial Conflict and Cultural Hegemony in the Followers of Oyo Lukumí Religion 1850s-1920s, Ramos outlines the separation of two religious lineages in Cuba.

Ile Awon Ogboni Balogun ni Ifa
Quite revealing pages by Eduardo Conde, Oluwo Ogbonifa Ifabilawo, in Miami/Florida (USA).
Site of Ifadoyin Sangomoyiwa, Plainfield/New Jersey (USA). Contains one article by Chief FAMA, among others.

Cultural Expressions
The site of Baba Falofin (Elton Fonville) has short descriptions of the principal odù-Ifá according to the African tradition (and more).

Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba
The Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba had been founded as a kind of umbrella organisation of the Lukumí religion in Cuba. It represents a mediating institution between the state of Cuba and the practitioners of the Afro-Cuban religion, and supervises (controls) their activities, for instance in respect to religious tourism. Responsible for the pages is Julio E. Hernández Chacón, La Habana (Cuba).

Cubayoruba Blogspot: Religión Yoruba. La Santería o Regla de Osha-Ifá
A fantastic plethora of information by Obaniré Oni Shangó, La Habana (Cuba). The site is linked to the likewise interesting Blog:
Pataki Yoruba Blogspot: Patakies Yorubas. Los mitos, leyendas e historias o patakines Yorubas

Proyecto Orunmila und
Reglas de Osha-Ifá para Santeros
These sites from La Habana (Cuba) are very informative, too. Author is Ernesto Valdés Jane and the Ilé Osha Oló Obatalá Oshagriñan Adé Yerí. For some of the pages, access is only permitted after registration.

Wiki de Ifa: "Wikipedia dedicada a la recopilación de conocimientos de Ifa y el mundo de la religion Yoruba"
Hard to believe: A team of babalawos has collected and published Ifá texts and patakis of the Cuban tradition online, sorted by the respective odu.

Baba Who? Babalú!: Who is Lukumí Babalú-Ayé, Santería's San Lázaro, Asojano Arará?
A Blog by Michael Atwood Mason, (almost) exclusively dedicated to the orisha Babalú-Ayé. Rating: extremely valuable!

Internet Sacred Text Archive: African Religion
Among other texts, this site incorporates significant excerpts from Alfred Burdon Ellis' classic book Yoruba-Speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa from 1894, as well as John Wyndham's Myths of Ífè.

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