Orisha Ifa bata
Thomas Altmann

Thomas Altmann was born in 1954 in Hamburg, where he has worked as a freelancing professional drummer and percussionist since 1979. From 1981 on, he has privately studied the Yoruba religion as practiced in Cuba (Lukumí), Nigeria and Brazil. In 1988, he began to learn and play the batá, the ritual drums of the Lukumí. In 1998, he published his book Cantos Lucumí a los Orichas, containing over 300 transcrip­tions of songs and chants from the Santería liturgy.

In 2005, Thomas Altmann was sworn to Alejandro Adofó's over 100 years old tambor Aña Ara Lovo Ore in Regla / Havana as omo-Añá (ceremonial drummer). His initiation in Ocha followed in 2007, when he became a santero or olórisha (omo-Obatala). Finally in 2012 he underwent initiation to Ifá as a babalawo (awo Orúnmila) of the odu Otura Meyi.

Along with his private cult practice, his priestly activities focus mainly on theological study. Its present results are to be found here.

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