Orisha Ifa Bata


  • Otura Meyi - The Message html
    What sounds like a digital sermon is to be perceived as the voice of the odu Otura Meyi in the contemporary interpretation of one of its sons. This is but one part in the concert of the creative forces in action. (2013)
  • What is the Difference between Ifá and Santería? html
    Here is a very short explanation of Lukumí religion that is actually derived from a posting in an internet forum not aimed at religious issues in the first place. I was trying to respond as briefly and concisely as possible to a typically innocent question posed apparently by an (interested) outsider. I was quite happy about the positive reaction from the forum, and the re-organization of in December, 2013, gave me the chance to place the post online.
  • Calendar of Orisha Name Days According to the Cuban Tradition. html
    These feast days, which coincide with the days of the corresponding catholic saints (santos) identified and syncretized with these orishas, are commonly celebrated on the evening before the actual date. The feast day ends at midnight of the given date. (06/2010)
  • Re-Percussion of Añá in Europe pdf
    A historical account of batá drumming practice in European countries. Originally written in spring, 2007, as one chapter for a book on Àyán, it was eventually rejected by the editors. I revised and updated my work for online publication in 2013.
  • Batá Repertory List, La Habana Style html
    This repertory list of the Havana-style toques batá was set up for the first time in 2001-2002 by a collective from the internet forum of At first it was published for a short time on the now defunct site, and subsequently on I deleted it in 2005 and re-published a revised version online in October, 2010, on this site While I had initiated the project, the entire group participated in the endeavour, the main collaborators being Orlando Fiol, Chris "Flaco" Walker, and Mark Corrales.

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